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There are different ways of defining a “Mortgage”, but I define it as one of the biggest financial journeys we will ever undertake. It is a powerful and flexible financial tool that all of us need irrespective of where we are today and what we do. Above all, I don’t look at mortgages as One Size Fits All and therefore believe in finding the best mortgage by taking a personal customized approach.

I am proud to offer you the Real Choice from over 50 different Banks, Trusts and Life Insurance Companies that are always competing to earn your business. Whether you are New to Canada, Self Employed, Looking to Renovate / Refinance, trying to consolidate your debts, Or Looking to get Construction Draw Mortgage etc., I can help you get the right financing, from the right lender, at the right rate.

Also, since mortgages are a long term financial debt, I believe in working hard to stay in touch and build long term business relationships. I Don’t want to be somebody who just sells mortgages but would rather like to be known as someone who guides by sharing knowledge so you can make an Educated Choice and ensure that you and your family are headed in the right direction.

With around 15 years of experience in Sales & Customer Service, I completely understand how they both go hand in hand.

I am always available to my customers, contact me now and begin one of your biggest financial journey with me.

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Sidharth Bhutani

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