Disability Insurance Coverage

banner2You may be wondering why you would want to have disability coverage, you aren’t sick or injured right now, but it is a fact that illnesses and accidents happen everyday and can prevent you from earning a proper living.

Disability insurance is designed to provide you with income while you are unable to work. Not only does independent coverage ensure that you are covered while at work, it also offers coverage if you get hurt at home or at play.

Your disability benefits are usually a percentage of your income. Depending on how you are being paid, you can either claim benefits based on Gross Business Revenue or Net Earned Income. Click here for more details on the plan itself as well as how to determine your loss of income benefit amount.

Once you’ve spoken to your River City Insurance adviser to determine your loss of income benefit amount as well as your business overhead amount (if applicable), you will be paid out on a monthly basis. There may be a minimal waiting period, but your benefits will be paid for the time you are unable to work up to the maximum amount stated in the policy contract.

If you do become unable to work and claim disability benefits you are not required to continue paying your premiums until you are back at work.

We also offer Partial Disability if you are still able to work part-time during recovery. In this case, your claim will be 50% of your benefit amount for up to 180 days.

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