Can’t I just get the Insurance that comes with my mortgage? Instead of picking on the banks?

Yes, you can, but this insurance only covers the mortgage amount and is basically designed to protect the bank and not you. There is no underwriting upfront so you don’t really know if you have coverage until you go to make a claim. That’s when the underwriting procedure starts. You are typically asked about 6 questions on the application. Are you sure you answered them correctly? If you didn’t or made another mistake, your claim can be denied.

With True Life Insurance, all of the underwriting is done up front so you know the coverage will be there if that time ever comes.

What if I have health issues already? Can I still get insurance?

Yes, there is insurance available for any one who needs it. Since I deal with a multitude of insurers, it is my job to find you the best fit based on your medical situation.

What if I sell my home? Do I have to reapply?

Definitely not. True Life Insurance follows you wherever you go, as it is insurance on you, not your home.

How long does it take to get approved?

An application takes about 1 hour to complete. Based on those answers you may be able to get coverage on the spot. If not, it usually takes 1-3 weeks for complete underwriting.

We can help protect your income.

Don’t let the unexpected leave you without a paycheque.

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