Don’t forget to protect your paycheque

Don’t forget to protect your paycheque

It always amazes me how many people know exactly how much they spend on home and auto insurance, but have no idea what they spend (if any) to protect one of their most important assets – their paycheque. Without a paycheque how long could you go? A month, three months or maybe only two weeks.

What would be the ramification if your paycheque disappeared? The number one reason a family or business gets into financial trouble is when an injury or illness prevents them from earning a living. If your self-employed and unable to work, who would run the business or would it slowly just collapse? This happens a lot, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help you design a plan that protects not only you, but your business as well. If you become hurt or sick and become unable to work, a well-defined disability plan would pay you a monthly benefit to cover your mortgage, bills and keep the kids fed as well as make any business related expenses for you during your recovery to keep the business solvent while you recuperate from the disability.

This is easy to do, yet very few take the time to adequately protect themselves. I can help you design such a plan that will provide up to $6000 a month benefit and another $6000 a month to keep your business afloat while you recover from the disability. It is simple and easy to do, so contact me today to get started!

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