How do you know if you have enough insurance?

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What would you do without a regular paycheque? Many of us don’t think about what could happen to our future if we were to be injured and unable to continue earning a living. Don’t let the unexpected leave you and your finances in trouble.

The number one reason most people end up losing their homes, business, or having to claim bankruptcy is due to injury and disability.

Why Use An Agent

Just like our team of mortgage planners, I have access to different vendors and products to ensure I find the best coverage to fit your lifestyle.

Self Employed?

Let’s talk about protecting your business. Often underutilized, we offer Business Overhead Expense Coverage to keep your business up and running if you are sick or injured.

Truck Driver

We have coverage specifically designed for your industry. Talk to us about protecting your income in case of accident or sickness.

Frequent Questions

Talking about life insurance can bring up a lot of questions. We are here to make sure all of your questions get answered. Here are some of the most frequent questions that have been asked.

We can help protect your income.

Don’t let the unexpected leave you without a paycheque.

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