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I am a licensed mortgage professional as well as a licensed, life, accident and sickness agent. I am trained in both areas and I hold both licenses because I believe that your health and wellness is intertwined with your finances. Having access to credit is important, but if you become sick or injured, can you still support your debt?

The short answer is typically ‘no’. One of the most common reasons for personal bankruptcy or the loss of one’s home is injury with no disability coverage to fall back on. This is why I represent both industries. Both require an expert who is looking out for your best interests. I offer my clients a tailor-made financing arrangement that not only suits their circumstances, but is also sustainable in the event of sickness, injury or worse.

Like most mortgage brokers, I deal with a multitude of lenders, and I can offer you more than just a mortgage. With my Life Insurance License, I can offer you the best fit not only for your financial needs, but for your overall health and wellness. Even if you are not ready for a new mortgage I can help you make the best decision regarding coverage for your assets.

Call me today at (780) 231-1312 to get the best mortgage and insurance for your life!

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